What a brain surgeon does in his spare time

My book is about what it’s like to be a brain surgeon, but there’s not much about the rest of my life (is this what blogs are supposed to be about?), so here is what one brain surgeon does in his spare time:

Henry Marsh in Ukraine

In Maidan in Kiev five weeks ago wearing my revolutionary blue and yellow ribbon. The hospital where I work is two hundred yards away. I studied Kremlinology many years ago at Oxford – I now combine it with brain surgery.

Henry Marsh Beekeeping

This pastoral scene is in my back garden where I keep bees (you can just see the red pillars of my workshop, where I make furniture, in the background) on the fringes of Tooting, five minutes’ bicycle ride from my hospital. Fortunately my neighbours are good friends and do not mind when my bees swarm into their garden (which they did six times last year).

Furniture Do No Harm

And here is the latest production from my workshop for my flat in Oxford – a bookcase incorporating a window and radiator. I sometimes think I might set up a business making architectural radiator covers – Early English, Perpendicular, Flamboyant, Ottoman, Doric, Ionic, etc. – this one being Romanesque.

Kate Fox

And, finally, here is my wife, Kate Fox (anthropologist and author of Watching the English), who encouraged me to write Do No Harm and came up with the perfect title.