Do No Harm Extras

Explore the world of Henry Marsh below.

Henry Marsh on Dutch television programme Altjid Wat
Henry talks to Alje Kamphuis about what he has learned from some of the most difficult decisions he has made, and shows him where he works at St George’s Hospital.

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The Guardian podcast
Henry discusses Do No Harm with Claire Armitstead on the Guardian Books podcast.

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Listen to Henry on BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week
Henry joined Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman, academic and former politician Michael Ignatieff, and writer Lisa Appignanesi in a fascinating discussion about decision-making and moral choices on Start the Week with Tom Sutcliffe.

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Henry at 5×15
On 28 April 2014 Henry spoke at a 5×15 event, where 5 speakers talk for 15 minutes, to an audience at London’s Tabernacle.

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Do No Harm featured on Channel 4 News
Henry talks to Katie Razzall about the life-or-death decisions he faces every day. If an operation has gone well he tells the patient: ‘I enjoyed that!’

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The English Surgeon
The multi-award-winning film The English Surgeon follows Henry as he openly confronts the dilemmas of the doctor–patient relationship on his latest mission to Ukraine.

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Cover Design
Susan Aldworth lives and works in London. Working as an artist-in-residence in a medical or scientific setting is central to her practice to explore the different personal, medical and scientific narratives around human identity. The Do No Harm cover has been adapted from her 2006 etching Brainscape 18.

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